2 Movies

Watched two Tamil movies over the past weekends. One is Paiyaa. I went to this movie for Karthi’s acting and Yuvan’s music. Of course, they didn’t disappoint me. But the hitch was that, everything else about the movie was so disappointing. This is a movie, which on the surface would appear faultless. However, a careful scrutiny would reveal that , this is nothing but an another ‘aracha masala’ movie of its kind. Thank fully, paiyaa lacked the painful punch dialogues and heinous kuthu songs. Still, can that alone make a movie worth watching ? May be later on Kalaignar or Sun TV at free of cost on some Saturday evening. But, definitely not on theatre.

When one buy a ticket for Rs 120 to watch a 2.30 hour movie, all that is expected is a gripping story and riveting sequence of scenes to capture the viewer’s mind and vanquish the thoughts like – Did I lock the home before leaving ? or What dish will I make for dinner ? That is where Paiyaa failed. After the first 30 minutes of the film, I was so much intrigued by the child few seat away from me, which kept jumping over its seat for some unknown reason. It was neither my fault, nor the child, but the movie. When the first half of the movie went on watching a weird child, in the second half, my concentration was much focused on the popcorn at hand. Yes, some song sequence really did rip my thoughts from the popcorn and made me stare at the screen devotedly. But, as one can see, the movie was not one of the best to capture my complete attention. It lost the game against a packet of popcorn.

The next movie is ‘Angadi theru’. A very good movie, but not for my type. My type generally goes to theatre to be blissful and to escape all the bitterness this world offers. If the movie denies that, only disappointment creeps inside. Besides, my type could hardly bear someone crying and this movie just exactly makes everyone cry. The last thing I want to do is spending money to be more tearful. Why the realistic films always have to be sad, is something I can’t figure out.


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