Ask any software engineer- of notable experience – a question, ‘What they achieved?’, the swift reply would be ‘Oh ! Nothing great, just managed to damage the spinal cord’.

Neither do I am an exception.

Having caused enough harm to back and leg side bones of mine, by simply refusing them the pleasures of doing their work , I noticed one fine day while attempting to touch toes with finger nails, my hands hanged halfway in the air. They could only reach the border of knees, beyond that, it declined to pass through. That is when I realized an abnormal curvature forming in my upper spine. In simple terms, hunchback. Not wanting to become a complete cripple, promptly I went to the rooftop and started to workout.

This world, as I see then, is not in favor of those who want to workout. Go upstairs and gossip, you will not gain a glimpse from our populace. Instead, in the name of exercise, walk alone over your roof top, or for that matter, rock yourself back and forth, or simply glide your hands up and down, soon you will become a attractive object of scorn. People will point their forefingers at you and snigger. Even crows and sparrow, you will notice, which had never been in chummy terms with you, will sit on the TV dish top and gaze at you dubiously. Such is the world.

On confessing this world atrocities to my well wisher, I got an earnest reply. What she seems to think is that, after all, roof top is not the best spot for those who want to straighten their spinal cord. She said, ‘If you want to master your body, go to marina beach on mornings. No one will eye you their even if you do rabbit jump in loose shorts. That is the best place for all those workout-devotees’. I pointed out that, I don’t anticipate to do any rabbit jump with loose shorts in Marina beach, as it would wound my morality. To which she replied, ‘Be a object of fun then’.

As I was stiff in carrying out my tasks on roof top, now I have no option but to keep the fingers crossed and hope, ‘All will get well soon’. My general public, to whom, now, even though my solemn actions on removing rust on the essential body parts seems to be amusing, one fine day, they too will get used to it. That day, even if I happen to do rabbit jump in loose shirt, I will complete my work with out drawing any attention.


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