You are sweet !

I prefer orange KurKure packet for a box of Adayar Anandha bhavan Laddu.

Even if I go temples, which is very rare, I wish to get Puliyodharai rather than Pongal as prasadam. Kovil Puliyodharai is one awesome item.

My throat require great effort to process anything inflicted with sucrose. The worst of it is Mysore pakku. Badhusha is brutal. I always feel, mysore pakku and bhadhusha – wherever you buy or make – is over-spoiled by the extraordinary amount of sugar poured on it. Not to mention the merciless ghee, which along with the sugar, has always been successful in torturing my tongue tissues. Make that mysore pakku a little spicier , I would like it.

My father is a slave for sweets. So does my mother who is a diabetics patient. Once on seeing me biting a corner of jangiri with the effect of tasting a ripe mango, my mother said painfully “You need to be diabetics patient to grasp this god’s gift.

I have to disagree. I hardly believe god. Even if he does exist, I refuse to appreciate his taste of gift. Gift, especially god’s gift, should not cause diabetics or tooth decay.

Someone recently told me, “You are sweet”.

‘Well, it means ?’ , I asked myself. I cared not to ask her whether she like sweets or not.

However, if I say to someone, “You are sweet”, Beware !


4 thoughts on “You are sweet !

  1. Nice blog template. I dont hate sweets but cant eat too many at once. “if I say to someone, “You are sweet”, Beware ! ” hehe

    How have you been Vani? Long time.

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