Romance in thrillers

Have been reading lots of thriller/crime fictions lately.  The recent of it being “Triple” by Ken Follet. And I noticed something sinister.

The first 200 pages were great.  Gripping.

I found myself biting the nails. As usual, the hero was attempting the impossible, in this case, it is  to steal 200 tons of uranium- for a nuclear weapon – which apparently is not an easy stuff to lay hands on. The hero, being the genius, devices a skillful plan to rob it. So far, so good. Then that happened. Our master mind hero falls in love and the story strayed. I stopped there. Yet to find what happens at the end and I doubt I would do it.

Romance in thriller, is like dropping a pinch of salt in a cup of ice cream. They just don’t get along well together. Some how, many authors mixes them miserably. A heinous thing a thriller author can do to his protagonist is to make him run behind a love affair, rather than allowing him to concentrate on whatever mission he vowed to do in the beginning.

Besides romance will ruin the plot. In 90% of the case, after hero fallen in love with a lady, the plot is quite simple and predictable. The villain, at one point or another, will make sure to kidnap the heroine and the story will end with the male lead liberating the women he loves and there by acquire a everlasting love of her. See, romance has the tendency to convert a thriller to a cheap commercial masala book.

I have no aversion to love. But, it has its place. Probably in Nicholas spark or Stephenie Meyer book, even it means love between Vampire and Werewolves.  However, not in thrillers.

Imagine, Sherlock Holmes talking to Dr. Watson on how he romanced. It would have promptly put off Watson from telling us Holmes master mind and his adventures in resolving the mysteries.

The success of Sherlock Holmes is solely because of  lack of love interest showed in his life by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  And that’s how we got an brilliant fictional character.


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