Through the eyes of Bookworm

To a bookworm, the world, in general, is split up in to three species. The One who love books, the One who hate books, and lastly the One who want to love books.

The first types are the passionate ones. Can be widely seen in libraries, hiding half of their face beneath the huge spectacles, or, as a active member in the online book communities by frequently updating the forum with latest book they read. Their genuine craving for books will always make them stop, eye the book cover sharply to identify the book name, if they happen to cross someone reading a Novel . Such a devotee they are. The zealots of this class, would often go through the Hindu literary review section and try to lay hands on all the books that was reviewed. A bookworm always want to associate him/herself with these fellows for the sheer joy of finding out what the other is reading and to vent out all their real opinions on books.

The second types are the skeptics. This mass can easily be found out in the herd of people from the deep yawns they unleash with in the two minutes talk of Harry potter. These are the ones who casually remark – Why waste time reading huge books? wouldn’t you feel sleepy ? . A shocking and piercing question, indeed ,to the ears of a bookworm , but these guys are not harmful as they sound. In fact, only to these blokes, a bookworm will prefer to talk about the things other than books.

The third types are unique, and in a way, a real threat to the bookworms. These guys always want to love the books without actually attempting to read them. This class of mass can be easily identified from the standard question, ‘Can you lend me your book ?’ and would instantly forget to return the borrowed books. This is the most prevailed acute problem with this class. If a bookworm ask these guys for the book he/she offered before a year or so, this mass would simply giggle and say ‘Oh ! that Five point someone book ? I really should check where I kept the book. I had absolutely no time to read, you know ?’, and at once will forget the book again, whose memory will be evoked only in the next reminder from the book lender in the successive years or so. It is a belief that, the books that finds the hands of these fellows will never return the shelf of owner. May be a superstition, nevertheless a booklover should be careful with these guys.


3 thoughts on “Through the eyes of Bookworm

  1. Hey! Same thing happened to me. One guy took the Five pt someone and still reading for almost a year.

    You should hire some DON’s to make these people pay.

  2. @Manish,
    As long as you are in first group, you will not belong to the cruel third types. If you love books, you will never forget to read the books you bought. It is simple like that.

    If possible grab by shirt and ask your book. This action is my long term dream which I have been declining it with all my will power.

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