A Management Guy

“Can that be done or not ?” , I enquired with a touch of determination.

A silence fell over the room following this demanding question.

It startled him . Straight forward questions always have this effect upon him. Being a “Managing head”, he always loath such questions. It prevent him from giving detail account on what he think of the subject. Without explaining in detail, he cannot confuse people. Without confusing, he cannot conclude. His management strategy is subjected to strong test now, he thought.

He further reflected. Had he been less cruel in his last answer to this young lady, he might have been spared from this sharp question. He had definitely stepped outside the boundary breaking all the unseen limits of patience. The determination that danced on that female face is proof for it.

He recollected the previous question. “Will it be possible for you to do ?” , asked this lady politely an hour ago. It was a question he had been expecting all day. It gave him the liberty to put forth all his views. In the course of this action, he became too verbose. He cannot blame himself. Because, he had been trained so. He was so deeply immersed in the conversation, that he bothered not to check neither the clock nor the woman’s face. That’s how the past one hour went. This somehow seemed to have disturbed this female disposition which stares at him now with her piercing eyes. This troubled him.

He had a doubt. How on earth, he, the manager, can elucidate his listener, with out a proper 60 minutes clarification, that even in the next infinite years it is impossible to deliver the wish that had been directed at him. He was about to break the spell of silence with this knowledge, but then a gesture that surfaced from a bangled hand stopped him.

“Can that be done or not ?” , I repeated the question injecting enormous force now. Sensing the sudden animation in this man’s face, I was afraid of another 1 hour conversation.

He gave another try with his eloquence.

I stopped again, dragging him from stepping out the boundary line again.

I said, “Well, your opinions might have gripped me, had we been discussing this in a merry mood. However, now, the timings constraints prevents me from lending eager ears to your elongated explanations. I would be grateful, if you can answer my question in one word. Tough, of course. But, you have to try. Here for your convenience I am repeating ‘Can that be done or not ?’”

“NO !”, He gushed.

“Thanks, That’s what I wanted.”, I said and vacated the place.


3 thoughts on “A Management Guy

  1. Your English in this post is very very good. That’s the prime reason I am following your blog.

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