My first crush ?

In everyone’s life, there will come a superior moment, when this whole world, after all, would seem a better place to live. It was not hard to find such moments for it has selective symptoms to announce its arrival. The heart would skip couple of beats, legs would refuse to stand, toes would sketch artful semicircles, and eyes would glow with special light. The general mood is that, mind would engage in day dreaming while sending virtual butterflies to upset stomach. These profound actions initially may be mistaken for serious health problems, but as the life progress, experience would help to spot this fine feeling.


Oh! Surya!

When blogadda wanted to blog about the very first of this sensation, I asked myself …eh? For I wanted to make sure is this what they really want to know about their bloggers. When ears are eager to hear, pleasures can’t be denied. And subsequently I decided there is no harm in revealing him. This is he. I first eyed him in a song where he was running behind a heroine. My heart skipped a beat, legs refused to stand, toes attempted circles and other indications promptly gripped me. I saw him jogging behind the heroine for the whole song with no intention of giving up. It made me sat and continued to watch the movie with reverent eyes that refused to blink.

I went to school restlessly after that weekend with the pierced heart and the eyes that still shone with strange light. When I was about to break this heart mashing matter, it came quite a shock to me, that all my friends who had watched the same movie over the weekend, confessed that they also feel the same way about this new South Indian cine star. I was rather shaken. So were my friends. Nature tends to shake one, if his/her object of love is shared by others.

Though initially shattered, our young spirits took the matter pretty sportive later, and began to hail this charming chap by whom we were all magically trapped. In the place of William Wordsworth poems, we memorized our young hero’s movie songs, in spite of earning evil looks from the English teacher. Eight girls we were and all wanted to show the affection we held for him. I dedicated a 192 page A4 size notebook to have all his pictures. Every week as the Tamil magazines hit our door; I would search for his picture tenderly and tear them for my dear collections. The deep holes that I left in those books  pained my father. I would stare at my collections daily and keep them safe under the pillow.Once I was so glued to his thought that I mistook brown cough syrup for blue ink and filled it in my hero pen. Glorious days!

One fine day, I took my collections to school to show the depth of adoration. So were all my friends. After discussing with a critic’s eye, why our star had been running on that whole song and why he was denied a dance, we shared our albums for each other’s view. That’s when my friend produced a white paper all of a sudden for our sight. It had one name written in caps – “SURYA”. Something smelled bad. We all looked at her doubtfully. She nodded and said, “Yes it is my blood” and showed her forefinger tip that was punched by safety-pin. Shattered by this soul-stirring sacrifice, we – including me – all gave up that great man for the heart which deserved that. “He is for you”, we said unanimously.That was a historic moment happened many years ago.

Four days back, I read news about this hero being blessed with second baby. I smiled. Then wondered what my friend is doing now.


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