Sony PRS 600 E Book reader

It is not a review, but just the thoughts which made me to buy this beautiful invention.

For the past six months, I have been toying the idea to buy an e-book reader. Mainly because…

• In order to borrow a book from the local library, I must travel for 3 – 4 hours (to and fro) from my home. Being a book freak, this literally vanished my weekends. I regretted for not having a good library nearby.

• Sometimes it is impossible to find some best books, in the libraries and even in the book shops, that I wish to read. However, internet is a treasure. The problem is reading e-books is “LCD screen”. It is a sheer torture for eyes. It was those eBooks which blinded me.

At last to drench the reading thirst, I started to look for e-book readers. The obvious choice were “Amazon Kindle” or “Sony e-book reader”. I didn’t choose kindle mainly because it lacked some of the features that I was looking. I didn’t want to operate keys in the reader as I felt it would be a pain. Besides, the wireless access feature of Amazon has no use in India. So I didn’t want to pay for something from which I have no gain. That’s when my eyes went for Sony PRS 600 touch screen edition. Instead of wireless access, Sony offered some cool features like highlighting, notes..etc. The dictionary in Sony is so easily accessible. All you have to do is tap the word twice and there the meaning will pop out. The only negative comment that I found about Sony was glare . It is because of the touch screen. But, I hoped it wont be that bad.

Then came the big question. How to buy it ?

Both the products are not available in India. It is sad that Sony or Amazon don’t find market here. I have to go for international shipping which increased the cost considerably. In addition to that, I was not willing to rely on international shopping. I have my cousin at London, but the cost of the product is too much in sterling. Hence I preferred to buy in dollars. Unfortunately I was not able to reach anyone who could buy me this precious from US.

After a point, I was so disappointed that I started to look if any ebook reader available in India. I came across Infibeam’s PI. But it lacked many features that Sony offered. Moreover, the cost is almost equal. Then I dropped this idea.

Last month, one of my friend helped me to get Sony reader from US. It cost me around 12,000/- rupees. I got the device on last Monday. I was happy.

The reader is nice. I have uploaded few books and read couple of them. The E-ink technology didn’t hurt the eyes. The zooming option is wonderful . As expected, the inbuilt dictionary and touch screen features are awesome. There are wide chances for me to improve my meager vocabulary. I didn’t find any problem with glare either. If there is any fault in Sony, I haven’t witnessed it yet.

Having said all these, like every book lover, I too miss the smell of the books.

PS – I lost my camera, so couldn’t post any snaps. My mobile camera is so poor and a picture from it would convince you not to buy anything like this.


30 thoughts on “Sony PRS 600 E Book reader

    • Yes,the reader has internal memory of 512 MB …you can carry hundreds of books with you. Also you can expand the memory if you want.

  1. I had a look at both Amazon Kindle and Sony Ebook Reader here in US and was thinking of buying Sony but then dropped the idea since I want to wait for the Iphone 4.0 OS update and see how the iBooks feature pans out. I am already used to reading books on my iPod, if the update turns out well, might well drop the idea of buying it.

    • They are also good.Some of my friends too suggested apple products, especially Ipad. But, Ipad/ipod/itouch have LCD screens and that didn’t work out for me.

  2. Thanks for the review. After reading this, now i am in the verge of buying this. But I have a doubt regarding this, Is it supporting Indian languages? Mainly Tamil?

  3. Hi Vani,
    Right time I read ur review…I was searching for a ebook reader for my dad. I think my search has end here.
    I also appreciate your genuine blogs…keep going..
    I have added this addr to my favourites…

  4. Hi Vani,

    Hope you are doing well….
    Haven’t seen a new post for a while. Can I request one? Thanks.

    – Discoverer.

  5. Hi Discoverer, How are you ? I am glad to see your comment. I moved to a new job, so finding it tough to spend time on the blog. I am planning to write again.

    Thanks, Vani

  6. hi vani,
    i looking forward to buy sony prs900.
    but online shopping sites have it for 21000 rupee,
    i m thinking of getting it through some other mean.
    can u help me in that?
    was there any problem with customs?
    thanks for ur post.
    it helped a lot.

    • Sagar, I got it with the help of my friend who was at US. I didn’t face any problem with customs. In international purchase (via online site), the shipping cost would be high.

  7. Thanks for this review. I’m considering buying this reader and I’ve read a few negative reviews about the glare. But if it’s not a major issue, I think I’ll go ahead and get this.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this.


    • David, I have been regularly using the reader now. I don’t face issues with glare. Since this reader has touch screen, it is bound to evoke glare, but you can adjust your reading position. That will solve the issue.

  8. I also love my SONY touch, which was a present I bought myself (quit smoking) after comparing many models. I read so much I needed one. Anyone recommend a particular screen protector, I need one for glare and smudges.

  9. Vani, I have the Amazon kindle and it’s really all excellent ereader. The wifi 3G model allows use to access their store from over a 100 countries including india, so I don’t think that is a problem. The only thing is it doesn’t support the ePub format, which is the commonly accepted ebook format! But u can always convert the format, so that is not an issue either! 🙂 btw, u can u try using calibre software for ebook mgmt.

  10. Hi Vani,
    Just wanted to know one thing; can I read all the PDF books (which have been downloaded from various sources) or primarily bought books from some online liabrary?

  11. hi vani
    i also have got sony e book reader prs 600 i have bought it from london i did not find any service center for it in india. Do you have any idea about it because my book hanged.

  12. it nice i also have sony prs 600 book reader but got some problem and did not find service center in india.

  13. Hi, thanks for this post. I am comparing Nook and Sony PRS T1 to buy one of them. Planning to it through a friend. Can we buy books through Sony Reader Store from India? Or more generally how can we buy ebooks for the Sony Reader from India.

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