‘The Leopard’ by Jo Nesbo

It was much of an accident that I came to know about Jo Nesbo and his latest novel “The Leopard”. A week back, while I was browsing my favorite blogs, I chanced to read this author’s name. Though the blog had other new authors and books mentioned, the name “Jo Nesbo” caught my attention mainly because his writing skills were compared to Stieg Larsson. I am not a big fan of Steig, however I enjoyed his “Millennium” trilogy, which made me to read for seven consecutive days. So I made a note to check this new author some time later and hoped for some interesting books.

To my surprise I got the copy of “The leopard” on the next day. Thanks to the Internet!!! Right away I dropped the other novel I was reading and plunged in to this new book.

Summary from the book cover:

Two young women are found dead, both drowned in their own blood. Then a female politician is found brutally murdered in a city park. The crime scenes offer no clues, the media is reaching fever pitch, and the police are running out of options. There is only one man who can help them solve the case, but Inspector Harry Hole doesn’t want to be found…

What I liked most about this novel is the way the suspense has been carried through out the end. Nesbo has superior talent in crafting a gut wrenching thriller. There were many moments in the story that took me by surprise. The story makes the reader keep guessing the murderer, and later only to realize that all that were suspected is utterly wrong. Nesbo’s writing and Don Barlett’s translation was simple and pristine. I don’t have to concentrate hard on the sentences and phrases. The word flew before my eyes just like the story. Surely, ‘The Leopard’ would be the best thriller I have read recently. And of course, ‘Harry Hole’ is an interesting – though not superhuman- character to watch out.

Having said all these, the book had its pitfalls too. Foremost being that, the overall length of the novel, which I found to be the biggest setback for the book. Especially even after realizing who the murderer was, the story drags on to another hundreds of pages which was really a killer. If the ending of the story had been edited, the novel would have been much crispier and gripping. Secondly the book mentions many times about ‘Snowman’. That was Nesbo’s earlier novel. Though it didn’t affect the flow, it left me intrigued sometimes.

I became a fan of Nesbo’s writing. I heard his earlier novels are far more interesting compared to this. I am going to read every one of them!

Rating: 4.5/5


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