Marriage Saga

The long awaited marriage ended, leaving me eternally busy. It was big relief to many that I got married finally. Of course it was a disappointed to some that they can’t me ask anymore “Ah When are you getting married?” I don’t blame them. My marriage is one big episode that dragged on like a mega serial and ultimately had its happy ending.

One fine day on mid-2009, I made up my mind that I have no intention to get married to some unknown face from Matrimony sites (it still gives me nightmares to think about them). I woke up my mother at midnight and told her who I wanted to marry and made her sit up straight. Though she was happy that at least she could finally get me married, there were some hitches that had be tackled. The companion whom I wanted to marry is my relation and closely blended with our family. So lots of approvals had to be yearned out which was not easy. But things took shape. Both our families consulted and finally groom was asked for his opinion. Poor him. He was peacefully enjoying his bachelor days and suddenly found himself nodding his head briskly for our marriage. I don’t think he was given a choice. He was shown only one finger and he had to choose it. In a month I was engaged but not officially.

Even then my marriage didn’t happen. There comes a twist. My husband’s elder brother had to get married before our marriage. It was kind of weird. I not only gave my husband a choice but also tortured my brother-in-law to get married soon. Any way it look little long for him to get married. Immediately in another few days our much waited marriage ended and became history.

The best thing about marriage is you will get lot of limelight. Before one say, ‘Oh I am shy of all these attention’, there will come loads of responsibilities and other unknown task that will make one forget everything they had enjoyed before marriage. I think it will take a year to sort things out. Anyway I feel that I have gone too much deep into the family and lost all connection of outside world. That’s the main reason why I dusted out the blog.


3 thoughts on “Marriage Saga

  1. செம டிராமா பண்ணியிருக்கீங்க போல! 🙂

    என்னவெச்சும் யாராவது இப்படி காமெடி பண்ணினா நல்லாத்தான் இருக்கும் 🙂

  2. Awww…finally u have updated ur blog and congrats 🙂
    you have joined teh club!
    same pinch…after marriage I also stopped writing and guess I totally inclined with my own world and marooned from outside world

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