On Reading..

Of many things that I missed lately, reading catches the top spot. It is so heart wrenching to see my precious reading habit degrading rapidly. My Shelfari account says I have read only 9 books this year, which was a horrendous figure, compared to the last year count of 77 books. It is asking me to plan properly and reset this year goal, as if that would help. It’s all so painful.

Besides the EBook reader which I bought last year, successfully stopped me from buying any books outside. That almost shattered my dream of owning a small library sometime soon. Though Ebook readers are good to hunt and read rare books, it has become a nuisance in its own way. Each time when I stumble across a book, I will say to myself that I will read the ebook first before I invest on hard copy. Most apparently it never happened.

Also, I stopped visiting library and the Moore market (near central railway station). A year back, these two spots were shrine for me. Now it became history.

Desperate to get back my reading back, I have been forcing myself to read books in spite of me yawning for every 5 minutes. To my surprise I completed 3 books in past three weeks. One of which is “The Calcutta Chromosome” by Amitav Ghosh. This is a sort of book that you read on for hours only to find yourself in utter chaos. The story was more confusing than the movie ‘Inception’ I watched last year. If someone had read this book, kindly explain me the story please …. Nevertheless I would say I enjoyed the book. Mr.Ghosh has superior talent in writing. It is just that I am too average to read his books!


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