A long break

Finally here I am.

Almost a year gone since my last post.

 Now my baby is 7 Months old and I am a new mum. Motherhood is the most peculiar feeling and I’m still brooding about it. Couple of years back, my life went like this…..Read, Sleep, eat, work. Then read, sleep, eat. Then again read, sleep, eat, work. And so on..

 And one fine day, I got married. That’s it. Life is literally upside down now. Gone are the days, when my mornings were welcomed by my mum’s hot coffee. Now each day dawns with my daughter shrieking for a bottle of milk. There is something that she cannot tolerate in this world – her mother’s sleep. I think in couple of months she would learn to walk and thereafter she would kick me if I don’t get her morning milk in time. You see? How life changes?

 By the way, my daughter’s name is Harshini.

 Now coming to my career, it has taken the back seat in my life bus. I mean it. I joined a new company when I had gotten married. Ever since, I am struggling to strike a balance in career. The five months maternity break that I took is the longest period I ever stayed at home. On seeing my mood swings and other notorious behaviours at home, I personally felt that I should get back to office if at all I need to maintain peace with everyone. Did someone say, A empty mind is devil’s workshop? True! Infact, it is much worse than that.

 Thus I joined office. Now I am at London working for one of our prominent clients. I will be here for a year. Looking forward for great many adventures with my daughter. Oh yea, Brits are really interesting people. I hope to write more….


5 thoughts on “A long break

  1. Hi Vani,

    Checked your blog after several months today and you have written a post. Nice to know that your life is progressing so well….

    – Discoverer

  2. Great to see you back!
    Nice to know you got back into your career after the most important break. My wife is in similar situation and still struggling 😦

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