Sparkling Water

It’s more than a month I am here and I find UK more entertaining than US.  When I am still trying to grasp the culture over here, I can no way pass judgements on it. However, quirky incidents unfolds daily making me wonder what I have in store for the upcoming day.

I always have opinions when my DH (Dear husband) ventures for Household shopping.  It’s not that he can’t do shopping. Somehow, he exactly buys what I ask him not to buy. His Mars mind works that way. So when my husband said, ‘let me go alone and buy the stuffs’, I was like – ‘raising my eyebrows’ in concern. Obviously missing my raising eyebrows, he stepped out.

 In 30 minutes, DH entered home imparting a contended smile. I was busy feeding my DD (Dear Daughter) and my daughter was busy kicking me. Something had been bothering her and all I could do was wondering! Then an idea struck, I asked my DH to get her water. Imparting another contented smile, my husband handed over me a crystal clear water bottle, which has the label sparkling water on it.

 My hungry baby gulped it greedily. The next moment, the sparkling water was all over my face. Of course I understand babies can spit at their mother whenever they feel so. But what I cannot fathom is, why that killer look at my child’s face? Hmm..Weird. With the wounded heart, I handed over DD to DH.

A frown replaced DH’s contented smile.  He said, he never know that Club Soda has this fancy name ‘Sparkling water’.


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