A Crucial Year

I have been peeking on and off this blog just to keep me reminded that once this is the place I cherished a lot. Ever since I got married my blogging life took a tumble. And since I stepped in to motherhood, this blog has almost been wiped out from my life. Yes ! Literally wiped out.

 When I think back on what had happened to me for the past couple of years, I feel little overwhelmed. I got married on March2011. Became a mother on Dec 2011. Took up a new job role on May 2012. Moved to London on July 2012. Now I have a family to run, family problems to vent out, baby to take care, new job to learn, a weird country to adjust. Now that’s too much. 2012 is too much. Good that it was over. Bye bye 2012 !!!  I would mark this as most crucial year and dedicate many chapters to it if I ever attempt to write my biography.

 Couple of year back, those who know me, understands that all I know is to read, work and then sleep. Life was as simple as it was.  Now if you ask me, what am I doing each day, I could write two page essay and still wait for more additional papers. This transformation of ‘do-nothing-girl’ to ‘super-duper-women’ has literally taken a big toll me. No kidding.

 Now coming to my 1 year toddler, yes, she has turned one and I am wondering when this all have happened. She is the single most being who notoriously reminds me every day of this ‘Super women’ image. Every morning a kick from her teeny legs is enough to put me in spin and rotate for the rest of the day. I confess, babies can keep parents busier than President Obama.

 I don’t want to retrospect much about work on this post. It will take 2 more post to vent out the happenings at work. And about London? No comments. Will continue on next post.

 Wish you all a Very Happy New Year !!!


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