Last year I most miserably failed to keep up with any of the resolutions I envisioned. I badly want to do something useful this year at least.

First and foremost, the time I spent with my baby. I really want to avoid the bad look that my baby gives before she goes to bed. She seems to be asking ‘What have you done today for me?’ uh? Office work and cooking consumes most of my time. I should really spend some quality time with her each day no matter what!  even if my office work comes crushing down to my feet or a good dish burns badly at tawa !!!

Second comes the reading. Last year I could read only less than 12 books. Sad. I almost lost the good habit that I cherish a lot. I should bring back the good old ‘Book’ days. This year I plan to read one book each week.  Target – 52 Books this year.

Then comes the writing. All I do these days is type office emails with million bugs. Once if I tried to experiment my writing in office emails and the response I got was, ‘Don’t be over verbose in your next email’. Hence, I stick to the standard ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ replies in my emails. This year I should do some writing at least in my blog. A post per week? Let’s see

Few days back, some body asked me the name of ‘President of India’ and all I could give was ‘Blank stare’. Seriously. That bloody name slipped my mind. The problem is I didn’t read news for the past 5 – 6 months. Completely ‘out of world ‘ feeling. Before I could ponder on my motherhood for a year, the world has literally transformed to something else and now I fail to answer what a 3rd grade kid could do. So, I am spending 5 mins each day to catch up with ‘The Hindu’ headlines.

During pregnancy I gained 14 kgs. Probably a world record!!! Now I need to reduce 1.5 kg to hit my pre-pregnancy weight. This is okay for me as I look much more humanely than before. Because earlier I was the object for ridicule whenever weight issues crops up. Many thought I was malnourished. Now people don’t comment on my eating habits. Still, I need to do some exercise each day. Ever since my baby was out, when I walk I feel like I forgot to take my tummy with me. All mothers would understand this feeling. So just to tone up a bit, I should stick to an exercise regime. Currently doing yoga and abs exercise each day for 10 mins.

This is all for now. I should add more to this list. So far, I could keep up with all of these.


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