For the first time

Two Pair of Thermal wears, two pair of socks, hand cloves, sweater, woollen scarf, woollen hood, a long woollen coat and a big brolly was accompanying me today morning in addition to the standard outfit I wear everyday. In far-off place, a car, which in remotest sense looked like gift-wrapped by thermo coal jerked to move. I rubbed my eyes and rushed towards it.  It is not thermo coal, but showering snow. The temperature is –2 degrees. Some where inside the layers of clothes my body trembled, my hands cursed me for not wearing another set of cloves, in all I sighed. I began to stroll.

This is the first time I am witnessing snow.  All my previous intros to snow were only through Tamil movie songs, where the heroine wearing fancy dresses would chase the hero in the snow filled mountains. Those songs painted most enviable picture of snow to me.  I thought snow is cool, I mean in a different way.

But the real snow is NOT cool. You know what I mean. In spite of the countless inner garments, I felt as If I am laid bare-bodied on ice tubes. I thanked the unknown for my prudence to wear two thermal wears. Otherwise, how would I have felt?

Later in the evening, at home, once again I watched one of those short dress actress dancing in snow. ‘How romantic!!!’ said my partner. I gave him a horror-struck look.

BTW, Happy Pongal to all!!! Those who are munching hot Pongal at home town, I envy you !!!.


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