Aftermath of snow

Snow filled the weekends. London is so beautiful now. I mean the whole city looks as if it’s been topped with Vanilla cream. Though the climate is still hard to beat, it is amazing to watch the whitish city.

 I couldn’t go out with my family much, as I don’t want to risk my daughter’s health for my fancy desires. However, I stared at my bedside window for hours. Never seen a scenic beautiful place ever before. This makes the whole trip to London worthwhile.

 But the bad side of this snow is that, I find it extremely difficult to wake up in the morning. Man! Morning 7:00 clock looks like midnight. My morning routines takes a plunge because of glum weather.

 Also snow has severely disrupted my commute to office. Each day I had to walk at least 20 mins both ways to reach office. Now that the roads are deeply buried under several inches of snow, I literally struggle to keep myself on the ground. A careless flick of my eyes could simply aid me to break my head or something.  In short I could easily dig grave for myself. For some reason, I always think of walking stick when wander past on the snow.

 Now my cute daughter thinks snow is attractive than her morning cereals. Whenever we make some plaything out of snow for her to touch and exclaim, she simply tires to eat that!!!

 In short, show touches each of us in different way.


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