Vishwaroopam – Tamil movie review

The much-awaited Vishwaroopam got released here. My hubby being a die-hard fan of Kamal wanted to watch it desperately. So we went to watch this controversial movie.

The plot goes like this..

Al-Qaeda Jihadis Omar (Rahul Bose) & Salim (Jaideep) plots an attack against US. Vishwanath alias Viz (Kamal) is a kathak teacher in Newyork who is married to Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) a nuclear oncologist. Nirupama founds out that Viz is not a Hindu but Muslim through her private investigator. There the story takes a turn and reveals who Viz really was in the past and how he comes to know the Al-Qaeda attack in US. The rest of the story is all about how Viz foils the terrorist attack and brings back the peace.

Let me highlight the positives first. Kamal’s transformation as Kathak dancer is the single most thing that excited me in the movie. He has done every justice to this role. His feminine facial expressions are flawless and he simply takes the breath away with his graceful dance. Now, the problem is this role has no relevancy to the main story line. What impact he creates to the story by being a Kathak dancer? None. It seems he has done the role only to exhibit his finer acting skills and for nothing else. Anyway, I liked it.

I felt an overwhelming disappointment when I think about the other aspects of this film. Music was a let down. It was a poorly executed film in my opinion. The screenplay simply swings in the air with no interconnection of any sort. I mean I don’t understand the sequence of any scene. When I think about the screenplay, thousand questions still bugs my mind. Like how Viz (Kamal) came to US?  What is the essence of Kamal’s presence in the hostilities between US and Afghanistan? I felt, I should have probably read more on International relationships (between India, US and Afghanistan) before I had ventured to watch this movie. Most scenes were simply puzzling and left me clueless.

Now coming to the characterization, it has left me dumbfound. I mean who is Andrea in the movie? Who are the two white chaps who tags along with Kamal in US? What is the role of Nazar? The portrayal of Nirumpa as an infidel in the beginning due to Kamal’s effeminate trait goes head over heel when she sees the handsome Kamal is simply ridiculous. Phew! Even Kamal underestimates the purpose of heroine in the films.

Most of the dialogues in the film are not in Tamil.  The movie happens in Afghan and US, hence it is understandable that Tamil is ignored. However, even the very few dialogues spoken in Tamil (or to be more specific Tamil Brahmin lingo), are mercilessly butchered by the non-Tamil speaking actors. I understand Kamal has chosen his actor in order to cater all his audience in India. But unfortunately, I didn’t get the feel of a Tamil movie. It appeared as a Dubbed movie.

The other hindrance to understand the movie is the tech jargon that has been splattered across many scenes. I don’t know what nuclear oncology means neither do the chemical compounds that were mentioned in many scenes. I don’t remember whether it was explained in the movie. But the point is, when the climax was based on this, I lost the gist and gave a miss to the crucial scene. I just stared at the screen and went home.

Kamal is genius but sadly I fail to appreciate his efficacy. And to those who are making lots of sound against screening of this film, I really want to ask what they understood about the movie in the first place. Just blindly going gaga over the movie is bizarre.


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