Entertainment and not enlightenment !

For me, a bad book is a huge turn off compared to bad movie. A bad movie could cost only few hours, whereas a bad book for me could cost days and sometimes even weeks. It brings the worst inside me when I wander past 200 pages in a snail paced book only to find out there is no hope to reach the ending and abandon it altogether.

 Last year I made lots of wrong choice in selecting books that impacted my reading. In fact there could be at least 20 or such books, which I simply read for 50 – 200 pages and threw them off in frustration.  I could recollect reading Obama’s biography – which was suppose to be very inspiring as per the book review- and wondered what’s the problem with this chap? Can’t he tell his life history short and sweet?

 I reckon, my taste got changed over the period of years. Once I love books of any sort. I mean I even loved those depressive Russian levels and always wondered what has made them so pessimistic in life. I remember the days when I devoured ‘Crime and punishment’; ‘Brothers Karamazov’, ‘ Anna Karenina’ and other puzzling novels just to get the taste of it. I guess, I must have possessed the epitome of patience then.  I am still amazed on how I did those. Now give me a tome like Anna Karenina, I would kiss my reading habit to death and be blissful with my household work.

 Hence this year, I have been extremely careful in choosing books.  I stick only to those super fast thrillers, page turning fantasies and mushy romantic novels and that too after I read lots of reviews and reader’s recommendation. I simply refuse to budge for the biographies and other life changing non-fictions. Thus this year reading is for sheer entertainment and not for enlightenment.


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