Good Old Movies

With a naughty baby around, I almost stopped planning for weekend. Because, no matter how I plan, my baby knows way to foil it. The only time I could rest during the weekend is when my sweet baby gets her midday nap. Once her pretty eyes were shut, I jumped to my iphone to catch up some good old movies.

 Kancheevaram & Lagaan. A very rare combination of movies to watch during the weekend. However, that’s I what I did on the past two blissful days.

 Ever since Prakash Raj won national award for ‘Kancheevaram’, I have been eyeing out for this movie. This is one of the most poignant and beautiful tale I have watched recently. Now I understand why it fetched the most prestigious award for one of the finest actor in Tamil cinema. And what a good work, Mr. Priyadarshan has put up in to it.  The way he has taken us in to the lives of silk weavers of Kancheevaram is so genuine and extraordinary. I could feel myself transported to post independent era. Each and every scene is so authentic.

 Being it a brilliant characterization or beautiful picturisztion or soul sucking music, the movies scores in ever aspect of fine filmmaking. The lead roles Vengadam (Prakash Raj), Annam (Shreiya reddy) and other adds perfect aura to this whole magical movie. I think I have done enough praise. This film is worth the entire weekend.

 Coming to Lagaan, again this is another movie in my watch list since it was nominated for the most esteemed Oscar. To my surprise I loved this too. Though it has not impacted the way ‘Kancheevaram’ does, the movie has its own goodness.  The only problem is, I found the movie to be too lengthy (almost 3: hr 35 mins). How difficult it is to watch with a baby? My dear got so irritated that she spanked me with a Nataraj Pencil and chewed my earphones. Gosh!


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