Oscar Fever

Ever since the Oscar awards, I have been eyeing all those impressive movies that bagged the most prestigious awards in the world. Now weekend late nights are treat for me. So far managed to watch 4 of them.

If I need to express this film in one word, I would say ‘Brilliant’!!! Absolutely brilliant in every sense. This is probably one of the best thrillers I have seen recently. The nail baiting suspense pushed me to seat edge and I had to literally freeze myself from moving fast forward and watch the climax!!! Screenplay was handled at its best.

This movie is kind of tricky for me. Because before watching the movie I had no clue on what this 13th amendment is all about. So it took me some time to grasp what is going on in the screen. If someone wants to watch this movie, I would recommend you to read the review and get an idea on the theme of this movie. After some background study I did enjoy this movie thoroughly. Though it was dragging at parts, for a biography sort of work, I would say this movie is excellent in bringing out the crucial moments of Mr.Lincoln’s life.

It absolutely deserves in bagging the ‘Best actor award’. What a hell of acting by Daniel day lewis?

This is another quality movie. I was absolutely in awe with the flight crash that was shown in the first half. After which, the movie took a dip, and started to drag. Nothing much happened in the second half and climax was predictable. Nevertheless, the movie was okay.

Life of Pi
After a long time, Life is PI is probably one of the perfect adaptations of the book. The movie does every justice to the Man Booker prize-winning novel. The visual experience is top notch. Since I already knew the story before watching, there is no surprise there. In spite of that, I didn’t feel bored. Hence another good movie.

Still wanting to watch Les Miserables and Silver Lining playbook.


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