Settled down…

I really don’t know what I have been doing, but days are running fast. It’s almost a month since I came back, but it feels like yesterday. I can safely say, I have settled down at last.

 Upon landing, my daughter- for heaven known reason- got allergic towards everything she touched or breathed. This literally bothered me. So, for the past few weeks, we both were touring all the hospitals in and out. Needless to mention my baby’s aversion to doctors, and her innate skill to kick and scream at them. I tell you, crying babies are stronger than kick boxer. I had to drag myself between her and the doctor to avoid any nuisance. Now after so much of hardship, her health is improving a lot. She has once again regained her lost energy and that makes us all even busier.

 After a year gap, Chennai office suddenly appeared to me as an alien. During my absence, my colleagues seem to have picked up lots of naughty habits. Once that troubles me is that stealing of chairs. Yes you heard me right. I cannot fathom what had gone wrong in my co-habitants mind. But they are completely occupied by the thoughts of stealing other chairs. Leave your chair for a meeting and you will never find the trace of it in this lifetime. Simply gone. So far to my regret I have lost nearly 20 or so cushion seats to those predators. Now finding those seat stealers has become a part of my daily work.

 As I mentioned earlier, my daily 5hr eternal journey to office has kicked back in. And that provides ample time to read and relish. I have been devouring crime fictions with sweat dripping over me in an oven like office bus. But who cares ? J To my surprise, I have started to enjoy this long journey as well….


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