Wrong place Wrong time

Ok..It has been quite few weeks since I updated the happenings around me.

The first and foremost that I want to share here is my Delhi trip fiasco. My dear husband is currently employed in Delhi and ever since I returned from that ice-cold foreign nation I didn’t get a chance to meet him. So we promptly planned for the trip on May end. On the clutch of curiosity, my hubby completely forgot the horrendous climate Delhi had at the moment. I being a total naïve to northern part of India packed my bags eagerly to enjoy the trip. In this whole mishap, the soul that suffered hard was my baby daughter.

One thing that Delhi made me realises is that, it is a pure bliss to spend summer in Chennai. Delhi made Chennai a safe heaven. On the first day evening, we went to India gate in the whopping 44-degree hotness and my poor daughter cupped her cheeks unable to cope up with the blazing temperature. We soon cancelled all our plans to visit the world famous tourist spots except for the wonder Tajmahal.

Yes we couldn’t cancel our trip to the world wonder mainly because my hubby already booked tickets and it was not possible to cancel them later. That’s how we landed on the world most beautiful place in the worst possible climate. I don’t want to go in detail on this disaster further…

Now, coming to reading I have been quite consumed by the series ‘The song of Ice and Fire’. This is one of the most brilliant stories I have read recently. This series is comprised of seven volumes and I am still at fourth. Next to Harry potter, this series has already gained a special place in my heart. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Well…this is for now.


The New found love…

For the past few months my old Samsung mobile which I bought couple of years back was in sick bed. So, I was in search for a good mobile. The most obvious choice was Iphone 5 or Samsung 3 or Samsung 4. My hubby has the iphone 5 and I couldn’t stand its interface. I took forever even to close an app in iphone. Personally I never have been a fan of apple. Their Itunes software is enough to put me off any time. Seriously, how such masterminds could produce duds as Itunes ? I know not!

Thus I pledged my loyalty to Samsung again and picked out Samsung 3 for the sheer reason Samsung 4 was not out then. Besides Samsung 3 had all the features I expect in a mobile. Ok, now I’m completely in love with this new gadget.

Be it video or music or browsing, this mobile has exceeded my expectations. Watching movies in its wide screen is a sheer pleasure. And the battery life is great. I could watch couple of movies without rushing for charger in between. That’s a relief.

Another surprise is camera. It gives quality picture. So if nothing else to do, my daughter and me are happily beaming in front of this. Also the camera application itself has lot of options to take a picture. For instance, there is an option called ‘Best face’ which when chosen would capture eight burst of shots in one click and later I could select once among the best. This is really helpful to capture my daughter face, which she forever shakes to avoid being captured in a photo. But in this option at least in one shot I could perfectly capture her cute face.

My only problem with this mobile is its slowness. Since I already used Iphone 5 for sometime I could clearly see the difference. Iphone 5 wins in this aspect. However, considering the price I would just let this go.

I mobile have many other options, which I can praise for all day long. I am just happy with this newfound love…

Back to Chennai ! :)

It’s been more than 3 weeks since I departed the snowy city to oven-baked Chennai. My London departure was totally unplanned. I simply had to pack everything in a day and rush back to homeland. I was extremely happy that I could finally drop all those deadly body covering garments and roam free in Chennai. Of course I forgot the blazing Chennai heat while I was busy complaining the layers of sweaters there.

Thus I finally landed here and it has only taken few weeks to get the gist of the Chennai heat. This climate shift is so major and I’m still struggling to judge, which can beat me to death – The horrendous hot Chennai or spine chilling London. Anyway, no more rants about climate. The grass is always greener at the other end.

My husband has to pack his bags to Delhi on a work assignment. His future prospects looks like he has gladly escaped my presence and has no plans to get back to me. Now this has placed me in great dilemma on which state I will be migrated this year. This situation has stressed me so much and now I feel homeless. Phew !!!

Another hitch is my daughter. Her body is so used to the cool climate and now she literally struggles to survive at Chennai. Ever since we landed here, I am the frequent visitor to Paediatricians and skin specialists. Hence Chennai keeps me busy with all these and I have no time on personal front. That explains my absence.

To rub salt on wound, my 5 hr daily travel to office has kicked back in. Life has come down to a letter – RANT.

Libraries at London

I still remember the longing days when I was so obsessed with libraries and literally found none near to my home. We were the residents of Northern most part of Chennai where if you enquire about libraries, people would give you this scornful look. Library is something totally unheard of. In these parts, people have the notion that one would go to library if he were jobless. Moore market is the most we could have if we are so desperate for books. This is not exactly a library, but a place where you can get some precious books at cheaper price.

If I get so fanatical about book then I would travel to Purashavakkam in the scorching sun to visit Easwari Lending library, which was a saviour those days. So a visit to a library would cost me half of the day and I always feel so tired after coming back. Nevertheless, that library still holds special place in my heart. Then I bought the ebook reader after which my visit to that library gradually reduced.

After coming to London, the most tempting thing it offered was the numerous local libraries. Believe me, each local library here is 3-4 times bigger than the Easwari Lending library there at Chennai. And they have brilliant collection of books. This includes Tamil book as well. All the books are free. I can take up to 4 books and keep them for 3 weeks. I felt so overwhelmed. To top it all, this local library is just 5 min walk from my home.

People here just love reading. Just like Iphone, Kindle keeps everyone busy here. I am so surprised about this and I always wondered how everyone got into this habit.

Last week I took my daughter to the library just to give her the taste of the place. The library has very good collection of baby books. I took a book for my baby. While checking it out, the librarian said, I need to get separate card for kids. And using that kids could take up to ten books each time. I said Wow! And soon enrolled my daughter for it.

While my dear played with the kid’s books, I fetched four more books for her and went to the librarian again. The polite lady, on seeing my enthusiasm said – You know, we encourage kids here to read a lot. Whenever you return the baby books, we will track the number of books she reads and upon reaching certain limits we will give her a certificate to motivate her to read more books. There she said it beautifully!!!

Now I understood, how here reading has become an inbuilt habit. How much I long for these things to happen at Chennai. Sigh!

Women – A burden or backbone

I always feel so special about myself. Being a woman alone is worth celebrating life. If any one ‘being’ that was so viciously slaved by the ignorance of mankind and still manage to hold head high and walk, it is WOMEN! So when I chanced upon Indusladies “International Women’s day” blogging contest, I want to take this as an opportunity to open my mind and write about the nature’s special soul – The Women!!!


Men and Women, just like any other species, were created to co-exist and evolve. These two different creations need the companionship of each other in order to play the rough game of evolution. Both are unique and have their own roles to carry out so as to survive the puzzle of our existence. Centuries and centuries ago, when women partook domestic responsibilities and let men do the bread winning, it was a mutual agreement.

A Woman is a born ‘Nurturer’. A Man is a tough ‘Survivor’. When Men ensured the survival of his clan, Women scarified herself in the well being of the family. She borne kids and raised them. She showed enormous patience and perseverance in building the family. Being a household chore, or tending the aged elders, or grooming the kids, Women stood as a silent pillar of the family. She let the men to be in forefront while she iron-guarded the backstage. ‘For Most of History, Anonymous was Women’ Said Virginia Woolf. How True?

Just like nothing is constant in this world, so is Men’s outlook on Women. Women’s innate qualities “Tolerance, Patience, Selflessness, Loyalty and Faith’ made her submissive and yielded her the name ‘Weaker Sex’. She came under the veiled protection of Men. Her skills were confined to Kitchen and cookery. Her birthrights were ignored. Basic education was deprived. This ruthlessness continued to the point where the very existence of ‘HER’ is considered as burden. “Female infanticide” became unpronounced solution. What an epitome of madness?  What would our existence be with out Women?

Today, Women understood the reality. She is waging war against her lost rights. She is no more a product sold on the marriage market. She is not just the child bearing family sacrifier. Her existence now extends from Kitchen to Corporate offices. In the past few decades, Women have consistently outdone themselves by stepping in to male dominated territories. The tabooed word ‘Career’ has become common now.

This new era multitasking career women could even amaze the supermen. She is a supreme manager at office and super tolerant mom at home. She can be an audacious boss and a tender wife.  She is willing to adapt herself to the stressful office work and ever demanding household chores. Finally ask yourself a question, who is the person who wakes up first in your home and goes late to bed at night? It could be none other than your Mom or wife. And most importantly, she doesn’t even complain about this.

Man may claim to be the ‘HEAD’ of the family, but a woman remains the ‘HEART’ of the family. No, she is not a burden for others; she is burdening herself for others.

With that note, I wish you all a very Happy Women’s day. Cherish Woman! She deserves it.

January – A recall

I am so happy that the first month of this year has been very productive so far. Not to mention it went like a breeze and made my life a lot easier. Like I mentioned already, I have been desperately trying to catch up with things, which I missed out for the past year due to marriage and pregnancy. 

The first and foremost begin my attention to this blog. It almost died last year and caused me great grieve. I thought I would almost forget what writing means. Good it didn’t happen. Now at least I manage write something even though it sounds so gibberish.

Secondly, I managed to read 5 books this month with the target of one book each week. My daughter almost attempted to slaughter 2 books with sharp devices, which she only knows of. She is constantly eyeing my ebook reader to break it. Even my hubby raises his eyebrow when I cuddle up with a good book. Even if they both are quiet, there will be something on the line to break my vow to read books. It was all-exhausting to read amidst all these. So my reading happens on bus stops, evening office breaks, late night or very early mornings when the world fails to notice what I am doing. The five books are

Gone girl by Gynn by Gillian Flynn

Oru Manidhan, Oru Veedu, Oru Ulagam (Tamil book) by Jayakanthan

Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer

Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi

The secret of Nagas by Amish Tripathi

I have also managed to spend time with my baby in the evening by leaving the office work little early. The great problem with me being a working woman is that, no matter how hard I try, I am still struggling to strike a balance between my family and carrier. When I leave early from office, I could see secret eyes staring at me for being non committed to work. When I reach home and hug little daughter, her eyes accuses me of not being with her.

Some other stuff, which I try hard to catch up, are exercise and news. I somehow managed to do 30 mins exercise at least five days each weeks. Of course, my little daughter didn’t make me do this at home. So I simply got down 2 bus stops before my home and strolled off. I also coped up to catch the headlines during the weekdays during office breaks.

This month is also special for its own special reasons. Got a nice surprise gift, which blew me away. Now, coming to February, I think it will be little more interesting. Because I have been using office breaks to accomplish all my little desires. However, this month I need to study a course for my career. Let’s see.

A long break

Finally here I am.

Almost a year gone since my last post.

 Now my baby is 7 Months old and I am a new mum. Motherhood is the most peculiar feeling and I’m still brooding about it. Couple of years back, my life went like this…..Read, Sleep, eat, work. Then read, sleep, eat. Then again read, sleep, eat, work. And so on..

 And one fine day, I got married. That’s it. Life is literally upside down now. Gone are the days, when my mornings were welcomed by my mum’s hot coffee. Now each day dawns with my daughter shrieking for a bottle of milk. There is something that she cannot tolerate in this world – her mother’s sleep. I think in couple of months she would learn to walk and thereafter she would kick me if I don’t get her morning milk in time. You see? How life changes?

 By the way, my daughter’s name is Harshini.

 Now coming to my career, it has taken the back seat in my life bus. I mean it. I joined a new company when I had gotten married. Ever since, I am struggling to strike a balance in career. The five months maternity break that I took is the longest period I ever stayed at home. On seeing my mood swings and other notorious behaviours at home, I personally felt that I should get back to office if at all I need to maintain peace with everyone. Did someone say, A empty mind is devil’s workshop? True! Infact, it is much worse than that.

 Thus I joined office. Now I am at London working for one of our prominent clients. I will be here for a year. Looking forward for great many adventures with my daughter. Oh yea, Brits are really interesting people. I hope to write more….