New Job, Marriage and that followed many more things prevented me the pleasures of blogging.  I assume these events turned me to see things with mature eyes. At least, that’s what I have promised to my well wisher when I got married.  So I am going to take up this mature women role hereafter. No joking. Seriously.


Want to Whack ?

Yesterday, an announcement caught my attention. “Wanna Whack ? “ it said.

Blogadda , one of the most prominent blog promoting sites, suddenly found out that its bloggers has been consistently tempted to whack people around them. “This shouldn’t have gone unnoticed”, they decided. Thus they declared a contest, to bring out all those divine moments when their dear bloggers were on the verge of beating others.

In a day of 24 hours, it is indeed difficult to dig out the incidents that demanded my whacks.

Here I recollected few of them in the order it had happened …


Today , with the sudden awareness to adorn myself and become a beauty , I wanted to equip me with necessary stuffs. Thence I set out for shopping.  As soon as my toes touched the street, a plastic cricket ball whacked my head. This is the precise moment when the first thought of violence stroke my heart gently. A crude boy’s loud voice and that followed laughter made my head focused on the direction it came. Someone laughing at me had never been a good sight. I averted the gaze and proceeded to stroll.

Without a shame of being hit by a ball,  I walked in to the railway station briskly and asked for a ticket to “Mambalam”. The guy over the counter told me to not come to the counter if I had intention to buy a 5 rupees ticket with a 100 rupee note. Subsequently, he expressed to me his views on general public whose attitude were much like mine, which caused me to miss the train I had hoped to catch. Whacking will not prevent problems, I told myself.

With the shopping spirit slightly drenched, I got in to the train. That is when a sharp pain shot through my spine. I clutched the lady nearby to avoid reeling down. She said, “Sorry it is my high heels”, pointing towards something sharp that had gone down deeply into my feet. This is not a moment to suppress everything and smile like Gandhi, I thought. If I am to save myself form this brutal world whose only intention is to cause me pain, then all that is needed out from me now is to take a bit of violence at my own hands and hit this young lady who deserves it. Before I complete the examination of feasibility of my thoughts, the entity which had caused me such pain was gone. She, it seems, got down from the train, while I was busy thinking about “Gandhi and violence”.

I staggered into the crowed train and found a seat at last. A girl of my age smiled at me thrice for some mysterious reason. Ten more minutes passed , with me catching more polite smiles from her. Then she spoke.

‘Can I have your mobile for a minute ? , I need to make a urgent call‘

I looked at her doubtfully.  Could this be another game of fate to abuse me ? , I asked myself. The girl smiled again. All the self doubts vanished. Of course, I was irritated on the events, fate had imposed on me. However, that cannot put me down and make my heart deny even this smallest favor. I let her take my beautiful mobile.

Leaving this materialistic world momentarily , the girl spoke dreamily to someone. The train stopped. A voice of refined quality, whose origin no one knows,  shouted the name of the station where the train halted. This brought back her senses to the real world . She stood abruptly, hopped twice, dropped my mobile and said – “oh my god, this is where I have to get down”. In the next fleeting second, she vanished.

I took the mobile from the floor with a regretful eyes and heavy heart. I found hard to understand the people who are so insistent on being beaten up by me, though I failed to hit them.

Moments later, I got down from the train that drained me. I went to the nearby shop to get some coke to refresh the lost mood. I noticed the missing wallet. Mind was too puzzled to mull over. It failed to figure out , whether I missed the wallet,  or , didn’t bring it from home at all. It was the turn to whack myself.

A Recap

Some 370 days back, on the last week of 2008, while I was so seriously surfing Orkut to improve befriending  skills, I glanced at one of the forums, the word “Wordpress”. There it was mentioned “Wordpress is better than blogspot”. This aroused my female curiosity. If something is better than something else, then that “something” is surely deserved to be looked for. So I submitted the word “Wordpress” to Google.  The rest is history. I mean, that’s how this blog happened.

I happily named this blog “Vaniquest”,  because “quest” is one of my desktop folder name then, where I had saved all my old resumes , and I prefixed Vani to that folder name, thinking, it would be a self motivation to start a blog.

It was tough at the beginning, I mean to write. The fingers which had never, ever written anything except the school essays, college exams,  Aptitude test at Interviews and later typed endless profound technical emails, simply refused, or shall I say forgot , to write what I really wanted it to write. That was the time I was envious of the authors who could churn out some 1200 page novel from a single, simple plot line. Ghastly days, but I guess, I managed it. Bravely.

I started to write.  How Buddha felt when he reached enlightenment under a pupil tree, I know not, But I could guess, his feelings must have closely resembled mine when I posted my first official blog post.  I still remember, all the day, i.e on 27th Dec 2008, the day of my first post, I beamed like an Olympic Gold Medalist who had won the game without actually having any clue on what the game is all about. Yes, that’s how I felt.  Stupid in fact, but true.

Though I felt like an gold medalist and all, I dared not to confess this blog to my kith and kin for few months, for the fear of not wanting to be stoned to death at the young age of life. But the initial feeble support gave by this blog readers, in the form of comments, really made me all steel and made me announce my kinfolks, the other side of me. Some were horrified. Some were excited. Some were not able to grasp what “blog” is all about. Those excited ones, of course,  told  I am crazy and then encouraged me.  That’s all I wanted, seriously,  and not the stones. Ever since, I have been wasting considerable time of mine in this blog, with the hope, I will waste others time as well by making them to read this.  All is going well, so far. Fine.

I Thank, Thank and Thank you all for reading this blog. You never know what you have done to me. Before I get all senti. , let me say “Happy New year” and end this post.