Earthly Heavens !

Yesterday, I blog hopped and landed here.

First, I hyperventilated , then stared at it almost for an hour.

After enough staring , I downloaded the one below and again gazed at it intently

‘It is amazing isn’t ?’, I asked myself.

‘A Heaven’, I heard replying myself.

With an uncontrollable urge to share the greatness that I found amidst the online heap, I directed the attention of my friend to this earthly heavens. She looked at it for a second and said ‘ oh, library ya’ . Then she went off.

Mark my word, the taste of present youngsters are degrading…lowering…terrifying ..descending to too dark pit.

A couple of weeks back, we discussed about this picture for more than a hour. Especially, the blue shirt that is displayed on it. The same friend talked about it for an hour or so.Now I am showing this striking snap and expecting for appreciation, at lest the words to the effect of ‘OMG”, instead, all I could hear was ‘oh library ya ‘. Ghastly.

They are not just libraries. Heavens. Worldly Heavens.