Settled down…

I really don’t know what I have been doing, but days are running fast. It’s almost a month since I came back, but it feels like yesterday. I can safely say, I have settled down at last.

 Upon landing, my daughter- for heaven known reason- got allergic towards everything she touched or breathed. This literally bothered me. So, for the past few weeks, we both were touring all the hospitals in and out. Needless to mention my baby’s aversion to doctors, and her innate skill to kick and scream at them. I tell you, crying babies are stronger than kick boxer. I had to drag myself between her and the doctor to avoid any nuisance. Now after so much of hardship, her health is improving a lot. She has once again regained her lost energy and that makes us all even busier.

 After a year gap, Chennai office suddenly appeared to me as an alien. During my absence, my colleagues seem to have picked up lots of naughty habits. Once that troubles me is that stealing of chairs. Yes you heard me right. I cannot fathom what had gone wrong in my co-habitants mind. But they are completely occupied by the thoughts of stealing other chairs. Leave your chair for a meeting and you will never find the trace of it in this lifetime. Simply gone. So far to my regret I have lost nearly 20 or so cushion seats to those predators. Now finding those seat stealers has become a part of my daily work.

 As I mentioned earlier, my daily 5hr eternal journey to office has kicked back in. And that provides ample time to read and relish. I have been devouring crime fictions with sweat dripping over me in an oven like office bus. But who cares ? J To my surprise, I have started to enjoy this long journey as well….


January – A recall

I am so happy that the first month of this year has been very productive so far. Not to mention it went like a breeze and made my life a lot easier. Like I mentioned already, I have been desperately trying to catch up with things, which I missed out for the past year due to marriage and pregnancy. 

The first and foremost begin my attention to this blog. It almost died last year and caused me great grieve. I thought I would almost forget what writing means. Good it didn’t happen. Now at least I manage write something even though it sounds so gibberish.

Secondly, I managed to read 5 books this month with the target of one book each week. My daughter almost attempted to slaughter 2 books with sharp devices, which she only knows of. She is constantly eyeing my ebook reader to break it. Even my hubby raises his eyebrow when I cuddle up with a good book. Even if they both are quiet, there will be something on the line to break my vow to read books. It was all-exhausting to read amidst all these. So my reading happens on bus stops, evening office breaks, late night or very early mornings when the world fails to notice what I am doing. The five books are

Gone girl by Gynn by Gillian Flynn

Oru Manidhan, Oru Veedu, Oru Ulagam (Tamil book) by Jayakanthan

Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer

Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi

The secret of Nagas by Amish Tripathi

I have also managed to spend time with my baby in the evening by leaving the office work little early. The great problem with me being a working woman is that, no matter how hard I try, I am still struggling to strike a balance between my family and carrier. When I leave early from office, I could see secret eyes staring at me for being non committed to work. When I reach home and hug little daughter, her eyes accuses me of not being with her.

Some other stuff, which I try hard to catch up, are exercise and news. I somehow managed to do 30 mins exercise at least five days each weeks. Of course, my little daughter didn’t make me do this at home. So I simply got down 2 bus stops before my home and strolled off. I also coped up to catch the headlines during the weekdays during office breaks.

This month is also special for its own special reasons. Got a nice surprise gift, which blew me away. Now, coming to February, I think it will be little more interesting. Because I have been using office breaks to accomplish all my little desires. However, this month I need to study a course for my career. Let’s see.


Ask any software engineer- of notable experience – a question, ‘What they achieved?’, the swift reply would be ‘Oh ! Nothing great, just managed to damage the spinal cord’.

Neither do I am an exception.

Having caused enough harm to back and leg side bones of mine, by simply refusing them the pleasures of doing their work , I noticed one fine day while attempting to touch toes with finger nails, my hands hanged halfway in the air. They could only reach the border of knees, beyond that, it declined to pass through. That is when I realized an abnormal curvature forming in my upper spine. In simple terms, hunchback. Not wanting to become a complete cripple, promptly I went to the rooftop and started to workout.

This world, as I see then, is not in favor of those who want to workout. Go upstairs and gossip, you will not gain a glimpse from our populace. Instead, in the name of exercise, walk alone over your roof top, or for that matter, rock yourself back and forth, or simply glide your hands up and down, soon you will become a attractive object of scorn. People will point their forefingers at you and snigger. Even crows and sparrow, you will notice, which had never been in chummy terms with you, will sit on the TV dish top and gaze at you dubiously. Such is the world.

On confessing this world atrocities to my well wisher, I got an earnest reply. What she seems to think is that, after all, roof top is not the best spot for those who want to straighten their spinal cord. She said, ‘If you want to master your body, go to marina beach on mornings. No one will eye you their even if you do rabbit jump in loose shorts. That is the best place for all those workout-devotees’. I pointed out that, I don’t anticipate to do any rabbit jump with loose shorts in Marina beach, as it would wound my morality. To which she replied, ‘Be a object of fun then’.

As I was stiff in carrying out my tasks on roof top, now I have no option but to keep the fingers crossed and hope, ‘All will get well soon’. My general public, to whom, now, even though my solemn actions on removing rust on the essential body parts seems to be amusing, one fine day, they too will get used to it. That day, even if I happen to do rabbit jump in loose shirt, I will complete my work with out drawing any attention.

Alarming increase in mass

It has become quite a fashion for these giant IT companies to acquire small budding firms, or to merge with another reputed firm. Expansion of business, they say. However, a loophole of substantial size has been failed to consider in this process.

When two family merges, there should be at least two more new rooms to welcome all the new members and offer them a cup of coffee. Being courteous is essential. Somehow, I think, this seemed to have slipped the minds of men who had signed the contract papers. One can readily imaging a top honcho of the giant company signing a contract and saying – ‘Welcome , Welcome Mr Chairman, we are so happy to welcome your family’. Suddenly a vague thought manifest itself in his mind and make him click his tongue, “Where will I put this family, and the nuts and bolts they carry” . He thinks a moment and says to himself “No problem, lets ask the old members to get out and give the new ones their place”.

Now all the old ones who are blood and bones (to say) to the company, have to work from home or from others home to make enough space for the new folks to sit and rest. Work from home is a best option, I can hear one argue. For that I must reply, It is a best option, if one doesn’t mind messing up one’s spinal cord and go blind soon at the young age. I have personal experience over this. To simply put, home atmosphere can never equal corporate ambience. At home, one can cook, sing, dance, sleep and can even read. But to deliver 8 hours of work daily, amidst the power outage, is too much of strain.

Sound of a soul

One of the life’s sweetest contribution, I always enjoy is the holidays and the extension of morning sleep it offer. Sleep, especially the morning sleep, is a melody of life. For this, now, a hindrance has emerged.

I know in a vague sort of way that, my next door neighbors are Marwaris. Quite a big joint family, with bunch of broods who always pop hither,thither over our compound walls and come inquiring us, about the cricket ball they had aimed unintentionally at our windows, or, about the kite that demands there service to liberate it from our tata sky dish antenna. Considering the senior folks of their family, from their outlook, I gather, they are the people who are offensive to the family planning scheme of government of India, otherwise there wouldn’t be so much kids right?. This much information I know about them. Suddenly, my interest upon this inhabits has grown tremendously; of course, not without a reason.

For the past two weeks, precisely at the early morning hour of Sundays – or any other holidays, for that matter – there comes a surging noise through the front windows, strong enough to collapse the sound sleep of mine. It is a peculiar noise, sharper than my mother’s cry, when it comes to waking me up. This sound, having achieved its objective, there in the bright morning, makes me mull over the question – ‘What life is plotting to do at this early hour?

Later, investigation revealed the source of noise. Someone, from next door, who aspires to become AR Rahman or other musical genius of that sort, is having hard time in mastering the musical instruments at the morning time of holidays. “In those solemn moments when the sound of a soul is about to touch its spot”, I was told, “it is bound to bombard the ears of someone who happens to be in deep slumber in a room few meters away”.

I want to meet this person who has this divine quality of waking up others. No luck yet. If, ever, I get a chance to say him/her a ‘Hi’, I shall not be asking about this divine quality, instead, I will say something like – “All the best to be an AR Rahman”.

I just don’t have the heart to hurt, you see.

A pain, a smile

If an unusual incidence happens once, one call it fate and smile .If the same incidence happens again, it makes one to sit, think and then write blog post about it.

Few days back I drafted a SMS for a friend saying – ‘I can’t speak with you right now. It is already late. My father’s eyes are at me and it is not so pleasing.  Can we speak tomorrow okay ?’

I sent this to my father, who had been silenced for the rest of the day by this simple messaging service.  It was hard to witness the pain it caused on my parents face. However, I called it a fate and smiled.

A week or so, after this incident,

I drafted a SMS for a friend saying – ‘ Can we go out for lunch today ?’

I sent this to my cab driver. Unlike my father, this had not pained the driver. He smiled merrily and stared at me. I asked him, ‘what ? ‘ . He replied , ‘Did you send this to me ?’

Then I realized the blunder , highlighted my intentions and asked him to delete that sinister SMS. For which, he still smiled. And, it pained.

In defense of shopping

Past two days had been pretty good. It is not like I had won a lottery or something. It is just that our office email server was persistent to let our emails get through it. The end result, we were brutally blinded from knowing what other part of the world was doing behind those great walls of server. Though this email server outage enraged everyone, after a matter of hours, we were busy chatting this and that, forgetting that other part of the world and focusing fully on matters of not-so-national-importance.

In the course of communication between four colleagues, out of which I am the only unmarried, a topic on Women’s shopping surfaced. It wasn’t tough for the two female contributor – one being me- in that group, to sense the sudden change in the atmosphere, as it was flawlessly obvious from the face of the fellow gender, that they are not so appreciative on the Female’s shopping performance. The loath on their face and the ‘eye-rolling-hands-upward’ signal suggested that, the prime factor of this detestation was their dear wife. It seems, from what they told later, when their better-half were busy buying bright dresses at Ranganathan street, there were placed on some low priority queue endlessly. Made them all sore, I must say, those idleness in waiting.

I was not at all disturbed for I know very well the male’s mind. Because , two such gentlemen are at my home itself. I had seen the same ‘eye rolling’ and ‘hands upward to beg the unknown to save’ gestures, often displayed by my own father and brother, whenever we women invites them to shop with us. It was all hurting at first, but then, we stood stiff and sustained the shopping. So, I could sense how my colleagues wives whom I hadn’t yet met must have felt

Men should do some psychoanalysis here. If you had a chance to watch the recent flick “Vinnaithandi varuvaya’, where the confused lead lady will say to her dying-in-love hero ‘ Karthik, I am like this. I don’t know what I want.’ , you will get the truth that, it was not at all easy for a lady to choose things in her life. Being a guy or garment. Besides, the Ranganathan street doesn’t make women’s life easier. By offering endless assortments on various stuffs, it only puts sheer pressure on the tender sex in the selection process, which eventually makes them forget about time and other things.

Of course, I didn’t told them the above paragraph. Before I burst to explain them the female point of view and attempted to liberate the women from the accusations, my opinions were dismissed by a mere wave of hand.

Later that day when I was stepping out from office, an NDTV reporter asked me if I can say something about Women’s day. I thought of telling him above my views on why women takes more time in Ranganathan street but later decided against it. Then, as usual, I kept the tongue tied and just smiled at them hinting I am not interested.