Don’t you know Dostoevsky?

My friend told me once – I like Orkut, especially the concept of communities where people who have the same feelings on something usually discuss on why they tend to have the same feelings.   For example, If it is a “dream lovers” community, they would discuss on what they dreamt on each day, how day dreaming help them to live decent life, which is better way of dreaming – “day dreaming or night dreaming” and so on. If it is “Rain lovers” community, people would debate on why they feel so special about Rain and not the same way with sun…etc.

 Do you see the power of orkut communities? It has space for everything. If you feel Sambhar is better than chutney or vice versa, you can voice your views by enrolling to the corresponding community.  People would comfort you that there is nothing wrong and perfectly alright in thinking so highly of Sambhar as they all feel in the same way about it. This is believed to be wonderful feeling, to be backed up by so many people, appreciating your divine thoughts on Sambhar. This would really boost the person’s confidence instantly, making him bright and bold over night. Soon he would be the dear member of community posting regularly on good characteristics of sambhar and ways to achieve it.

 I was so intrigued.When I came to understand the conception of communities, I immediately wanted to give a try as I was so determined to waste my time despite of whatever it costs.  So I promptly joined one of those book communities, only to find out it was not as fascinating and supportive as I had expected it to be. It has four moderators and an owner, unlike the owners and moderators of other communities, they are strict.  They have so many warnings in the name of rules, violating them will make the member banned from the community ceaselessly. I think those moderators are well disciplined school or college going kids, who used to participate in the weekly literary discussion on Raskalnikov’s Psychological upheaval on Dostoevsky’s Crime and punishment. This only complicated things for novices. I mean, for a mind which confers Crime and punishment, it must have been really hard to see a member who is interested on discussing some second rated contemporary  fiction.   It is like discussing A, B, C,D with PhD in English literature. The moderators would swiftly delete those members’s request, murmuring  mildly “if you don’t know Dostoevsky then don’t discuss anything!” .This continued and finally everyone stopped conversing in the community, feeling inferior about the books they read, leaving the moderators to peacefully analyze the mind of Raskalnikov .