Back to Chennai ! :)

It’s been more than 3 weeks since I departed the snowy city to oven-baked Chennai. My London departure was totally unplanned. I simply had to pack everything in a day and rush back to homeland. I was extremely happy that I could finally drop all those deadly body covering garments and roam free in Chennai. Of course I forgot the blazing Chennai heat while I was busy complaining the layers of sweaters there.

Thus I finally landed here and it has only taken few weeks to get the gist of the Chennai heat. This climate shift is so major and I’m still struggling to judge, which can beat me to death – The horrendous hot Chennai or spine chilling London. Anyway, no more rants about climate. The grass is always greener at the other end.

My husband has to pack his bags to Delhi on a work assignment. His future prospects looks like he has gladly escaped my presence and has no plans to get back to me. Now this has placed me in great dilemma on which state I will be migrated this year. This situation has stressed me so much and now I feel homeless. Phew !!!

Another hitch is my daughter. Her body is so used to the cool climate and now she literally struggles to survive at Chennai. Ever since we landed here, I am the frequent visitor to Paediatricians and skin specialists. Hence Chennai keeps me busy with all these and I have no time on personal front. That explains my absence.

To rub salt on wound, my 5 hr daily travel to office has kicked back in. Life has come down to a letter – RANT.


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