The New found love…

For the past few months my old Samsung mobile which I bought couple of years back was in sick bed. So, I was in search for a good mobile. The most obvious choice was Iphone 5 or Samsung 3 or Samsung 4. My hubby has the iphone 5 and I couldn’t stand its interface. I took forever even to close an app in iphone. Personally I never have been a fan of apple. Their Itunes software is enough to put me off any time. Seriously, how such masterminds could produce duds as Itunes ? I know not!

Thus I pledged my loyalty to Samsung again and picked out Samsung 3 for the sheer reason Samsung 4 was not out then. Besides Samsung 3 had all the features I expect in a mobile. Ok, now I’m completely in love with this new gadget.

Be it video or music or browsing, this mobile has exceeded my expectations. Watching movies in its wide screen is a sheer pleasure. And the battery life is great. I could watch couple of movies without rushing for charger in between. That’s a relief.

Another surprise is camera. It gives quality picture. So if nothing else to do, my daughter and me are happily beaming in front of this. Also the camera application itself has lot of options to take a picture. For instance, there is an option called ‘Best face’ which when chosen would capture eight burst of shots in one click and later I could select once among the best. This is really helpful to capture my daughter face, which she forever shakes to avoid being captured in a photo. But in this option at least in one shot I could perfectly capture her cute face.

My only problem with this mobile is its slowness. Since I already used Iphone 5 for sometime I could clearly see the difference. Iphone 5 wins in this aspect. However, considering the price I would just let this go.

I mobile have many other options, which I can praise for all day long. I am just happy with this newfound love…


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