Women – A burden or backbone

I always feel so special about myself. Being a woman alone is worth celebrating life. If any one ‘being’ that was so viciously slaved by the ignorance of mankind and still manage to hold head high and walk, it is WOMEN! So when I chanced upon Indusladies “International Women’s day” blogging contest, I want to take this as an opportunity to open my mind and write about the nature’s special soul – The Women!!!


Men and Women, just like any other species, were created to co-exist and evolve. These two different creations need the companionship of each other in order to play the rough game of evolution. Both are unique and have their own roles to carry out so as to survive the puzzle of our existence. Centuries and centuries ago, when women partook domestic responsibilities and let men do the bread winning, it was a mutual agreement.

A Woman is a born ‘Nurturer’. A Man is a tough ‘Survivor’. When Men ensured the survival of his clan, Women scarified herself in the well being of the family. She borne kids and raised them. She showed enormous patience and perseverance in building the family. Being a household chore, or tending the aged elders, or grooming the kids, Women stood as a silent pillar of the family. She let the men to be in forefront while she iron-guarded the backstage. ‘For Most of History, Anonymous was Women’ Said Virginia Woolf. How True?

Just like nothing is constant in this world, so is Men’s outlook on Women. Women’s innate qualities “Tolerance, Patience, Selflessness, Loyalty and Faith’ made her submissive and yielded her the name ‘Weaker Sex’. She came under the veiled protection of Men. Her skills were confined to Kitchen and cookery. Her birthrights were ignored. Basic education was deprived. This ruthlessness continued to the point where the very existence of ‘HER’ is considered as burden. “Female infanticide” became unpronounced solution. What an epitome of madness?  What would our existence be with out Women?

Today, Women understood the reality. She is waging war against her lost rights. She is no more a product sold on the marriage market. She is not just the child bearing family sacrifier. Her existence now extends from Kitchen to Corporate offices. In the past few decades, Women have consistently outdone themselves by stepping in to male dominated territories. The tabooed word ‘Career’ has become common now.

This new era multitasking career women could even amaze the supermen. She is a supreme manager at office and super tolerant mom at home. She can be an audacious boss and a tender wife.  She is willing to adapt herself to the stressful office work and ever demanding household chores. Finally ask yourself a question, who is the person who wakes up first in your home and goes late to bed at night? It could be none other than your Mom or wife. And most importantly, she doesn’t even complain about this.

Man may claim to be the ‘HEAD’ of the family, but a woman remains the ‘HEART’ of the family. No, she is not a burden for others; she is burdening herself for others.

With that note, I wish you all a very Happy Women’s day. Cherish Woman! She deserves it.


3 thoughts on “Women – A burden or backbone

  1. Dear Vani, Excellent writeup….my best wishes. whats your user name for indusladies. So that I am able to read your writings/comments.


  2. Dear Vani, Excellent writeup….my best wishes. I am a regular visitor of Indusladies website. whats your user name for indusladies. so that, i can read your writings/comments.

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